I enjoyed my time in Boston at Harvard University Law School at the Ancestral Health Symposium. Much obliged to the leadership of the conference for allowing me to speak there!

The talk was recorded, but unfortunately it won’t work well because there was no way to record my live writing on the Powerpoint slides! It will seem that I am merely talking about this very complicated slide without reference! That’s the problem!

So, in order to reproduce the talk, I gave a seminar lecture to my students that are taking my seminar on Appetite Regulation as part of an overview. I even got to pontificate a bit more on this version since I wasn’t limited to just 40 minutes in my class! So, I spoke for nearly 1 hour and 42 minutes! I hope you’ll enjoy the talk. I would certainly love the feedback!



To access the talk go to:

You will need JAVA to run the program!